Online Casino Bonus

online casino bonus is a gift from an online casino for becoming their customer. There are various forms of an online casino bonus. In this article we explain the differences between the various bonuses.

The online casino world is a fairly competitive industry. There is a lot to offer and basically they all fulfill the same goal. Apart from positioning, theme and game selection, they all offer entertainment and fun to people who like to gamble or like to play a casino game. Every new player who is looking for an online casino is therefore a possible new customer for many casinos. And to bring in that new customer, they are willing to offer interesting bonuses.

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Online Casino Bonuses

Online casino bonuses can be roughly divided into two categories.

  • Deposit Bonuses
  • Sign up bonuses

You get a deposit bonus as a reward for opening a casino account and actually depositing your playing credit there. An online casino bonus is a form of extra play money. These toys are added to your casino account so that you can play your first games with a well-filled wallet. Do pay attention to the conditions that the casino sets for this bonus money. Often you cannot immediately withdraw your winnings from the bonus, but the casino sets a wagering requirement, the number of times that you must bet the minimum bonus amount during playing. 

Casino Bonus no Deposit

sign up bonus, also called a ‘Online Casino Bonus no Deposit‘is a bonus that you receive for creating an account on the website of an online casino. You do not have to transfer money to the casino to qualify for this bonus. That’s nice if you are new to online casino games. In this way you can test the casino, as it were, without having to use your own money for it. 

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Welcome Bonus:
200 Free Spins
+ 100% up to £400 or 1 BTC
Minimum deposit: £20. New players only.
Welcome Bonus:
150 Free Spins
+ 100% Bonus up to £250
Minimum deposit: £20. New players only.
Welcome Bonus:
220 Free Spins
+ 100% Bonus up to £100
Minimal deposit £20.
Welcome Bonus:
100 Free Spins
+ 100% Bonus up to £800
Minimal first deposit £20. Only for new players.
Welcome Bonus:
100% Bonus
+ 100% Bonus up to £600
Minimum deposit: £20. New players only.

Because you don’t have to deposit money for one sign up bonus, no money can be added to your playing credit. That is why such a bonus is often awarded to you in the form of free spins on a slot machine or video slot. The casino has often reserved a number of slots from its range for this free spins. Some casinos give you a one-time number spins that you can use as you see fit. Other casinos have chosen to spread you out over several days spins to grant. 

By the way, do not expect money that you win with free spins can have it paid out immediately. Even if you manage to hit the jackpot, you must meet a number of conditions that the casinos set for bonus winnings. Therefore, read the bonus conditions carefully before you start playing. This prevents disappointments when you think you can have that big profit paid out quickly. 

Online Casino Bonus without Deposit

Online casinos sprinkle no deposit bonuses to convince players to create an account and deposit play money, especially at their casino. However, are there also casinos that already provide a bonus without having made a deposit?

An online casino bonus without a deposit is a good way to try out a game or a casino without immediately costing you money. Not every casino offers you this option. Casinos that provide a no deposit bonus often do this in the form of free spins on one of the online slots that can be played in these casinos.

An Online Casino Bonus without Deposit varies up to one x number spins up to a fixed number spins for a number of days. The latter is of course a very smart way to ensure that the player returns to the casino for a number of days in a row. 

Bonus no Deposit

online casino of course never gives away money for free. The spins it does give you real profit. You can also have this paid out. This could mean putting money on it. Casinos often cover themselves a bit against this. Therefore, always read the promotional terms and conditions that come with a no deposit bonus. Some conditions for such a bonus are, for example

  • Bet minimum
    Casinos may require you to wager your bonus money at least x number of times on the games before they pay it out. Obviously, they do this to reduce the chance that they will actually have to pay out the bonus money without receiving a deposit.
  • In bet per spin
    Casinos can impose restrictions on the maximum bet you can make with bonus money at a slot machine. If you decide to bet a higher amount per spin, you will lose your bonus.
  • Assigned Games
    Casinos often point out one or more games from their offer with a no deposit bonus may be played. In many casinos these bonuses are limited to a video slot. Live casino games are often excluded from such a bonus. 
  • Capped Payout
    One of the most important conditions is that casinos can put a maximum on the payout of the winnings you make with one no deposit bonus have achieved. 

Free Bonus Online Casino

Although of course it sounds very tempting to create multiple accounts at a casino to get more free bonus and to be able to play for free for longer, this is of course not the intention. Casinos monitor this very strictly. Playing with multiple accounts at any reputable casino violates the terms and conditions you accept when creating an account. You have lost your bet, your winnings and your Free Bonus the moment you are caught. Of course you don’t want to run that risk.

Free Sign up Bonus Online Casino

Are you curious about an online casino, but are you still quite excited to actually transfer money? Then we advise you to create an account at a casino that has a sign up bonus without a deposit. That way you can quietly experience whether playing online casino games is for you.

Welcome Bonus Casino

Search online for Welcome Bonus Casino probably brought you to this article. In this article we describe which forms of a welcome bonus are all offered by online casinos nowadays

The fact that online casinos sprinkle a lot of bonuses to attract new players is nothing new anymore. The nature of the bonuses does change. Where previously welcome bonuses were mainly awarded to players who made a deposit, nowadays it is also possible to obtain a bonus without having to make a deposit. You can even qualify for a bonus if you transfer your casino play money via a certain payment method. 

Relatively new is the bonus you get for creating an account at an online casino. So you don’t have to make a deposit here to get a welcome bonus. This bonus is often not expressed as a balance on your casino account, but is provided in the form of free spins on a video slot or fruit machine. By means of this bonus you can actually get acquainted with the casino for free or even play online casino games if you have not done so before. Also to this one welcome bonuses conditions are attached. As a rule, you do not have to go with free spins cash out the winnings immediately. Often you first have to bet the money an x ​​number of times in a game before you can have it paid out.

Welcome Bonus no Deposit

It is no surprise that an online casino adds play money to your account when you make a deposit. The amount of the welcome bonus in an online casino and the conditions attached to it differ from casino to casino. Some give a fixed amount of fifty or one hundred dollars as a welcome bonus, while other casinos easily double your deposit. Often there are other conditions attached to this. So read the general and bonus conditions carefully before you deposit, this prevents surprises afterwards.

Welcome Bonus Casino no Deposit

In other cases, the amount of profit that a casino wants to determine based on a no deposit bonus is limited to a certain amount. Another bonus that casinos are happy to grant you is a bonus that is based on the payment method with which you deposit your casino play money at the online casino. Some online casinos prefer to work with a credit card, while others prefer a deposit with a PayPal account.

If you do a little research into what preference the casino of your choice has, you can earn a nice bonus with it. Many modern casinos are increasingly geared towards PayPal deposits and withdrawals. Also because the PayPal Check out feature makes withdrawing winnings easier. Identification based on your fingerprint works many times faster than if your identity has to be checked based on a scan of your ID. That’s why casinos are increasingly encouraging the use of PayPal.

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