Online Casino Slots

Online Casino Slots

Online Casino Slots come in many types and designs, but the essence of the game has remained the same for decades: Spinning the reels to make a big profit. Before we take a quick look at the history of the slot machine, the device you may still know from the snack bar a few years ago, let’s first talk about online casino slots. Slots are the most played casino game online. That is why new themes are also brought to the market every month.

There are even online casinos completely focused on slots. Themes range from the old-fashioned fruit machine with pears and oranges to the most modern pop culture themes. Some artists, such as the rock band Guns n ‘Roses have even developed their own slot machine. 

How nice are those online slots. You can now take a gamble from the lazy couch, whenever you want. The online casinos have a wide range of games. But for many people this online world is not very well known yet. So in this article I am going to explain in detail what kind of slots you can find online, and how you can best see which online slots are the safest. Do you need Creditcard for an online slot machine, for example? And what kinds of games are there?

Top 5 Online Casino Slots
Welcome Bonus:
200 Free Spins
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Minimum deposit: £20. New players only.
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150 Free Spins
+ 100% Bonus up to £250
Minimum deposit: £20. New players only.
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220 Free Spins
+ 100% Bonus up to £100
Minimal deposit £20.
Welcome Bonus:
100 Free Spins
+ 100% Bonus up to £800
Minimal first deposit £20. Only for new players.
Welcome Bonus:
100% Bonus
+ 100% Bonus up to £600
Minimum deposit: £20. New players only.

Slots Online Casino

Slots originate from the slot machine. It was invented in 1891 by a New York entrepreneur who based the game on the game of poker. In 1895, Charles Frey created the first slot machine as we know it. He called the machine Liberty Bell. In 1907 the American Herbert Mills developed the first slot machine with fruit symbols. This was given the name Operator Bell. In the 60s and 70s, developments in the field of electronic slot machines and video machines took place at various stages. These developments were continued a few years ago with the translation of the slot machine to an online game.

Best Online Casino Slots

In the wide range of online casinos you can choose from an even wider range of slots and video slots with so much variety that it is impossible not to find a game that really appeals to you. In addition to regular, on the classic slot machine, based slots there are video slots, 3D video slots with beautiful designs and features. In addition, there are combined games where slots with more than ten paylines are combined with huge jackpots and sidegames to significantly increase your gaming pleasure (and your winnings).

The more modern the techniques and themes become and how the games are expanded further, the game figures show that the old-fashioned and authentic slot machines continue to do extremely well on the internet. Titles such as Random Runner, Simply Wild and Club 2000 remain extremely popular and can be played in several casinos. Part of the appeal of these games lies in the nostalgia of the game. In the past, most players of these games will have tossed a guilder or euro into one of these machines while waiting for their order at the snack bar. But there’s more. These games are very strong in their simplicity. The gameplay is clear, the design is recognizable and the profitability online is at least as good as it used to be in the snack bar. Are you not much into fruit, but do you prefer to play on machines with a more modern gameplay? No problem. Lots of themes have been transformed into the best looking slots you’ve ever seen. Very popular, for example, is the Starbust machine in which you play in a beautiful space theme. 

Online Slot Creditcard

An important thing when you start playing online slots is that you can pay with Creditcard. Especially if you do it via a Dutch site. Other options are credit card, Paypal or Applepay. When creating your account you can often already see which payment methods they use, so you do not have to look for this. Please note when you choose one of these three other options that you need an account for this. You can create a Paypal account in no time, but with a Credit Card or Applepay this is often a bit more complicated. It is important to do good research on this.

Which Slots

Now you may ask yourself, what kind of online slots are there? The most famous are the classic slots, mainly because they are the easiest. There are three wheels on which symbols roll by. For example gold bars, cherries and clovers. The idea is that when you spin, as many of the same symbols as possible appear on your screen at the same time. You also have online slot machines. These machines have three or five reels with all fruit symbols on them. Here too you want to get as much of the same symbol together as possible. Something that is also very well known are the video slots. Here are often five roles. You can earn a lot of money with this and there are even bonus games. Finally, there are also slots with a progressive jackpot. With these slots, players get the chance to win an unbelievably large amount. In extreme cases you could catch a few million euros with this. This is very interesting because you can get such a high amount even with a minimal bet. Definitely worth a try.

What do we do for you?

You now know how to safely start playing online slots, and what types of games there are. But which platform is best to use now? That’s what we’re here for! We have a top 100 especially for you online casinos made, which can change every day. We want you to be informed at all times how you can best invest your money. We make our lists based on the experiences of players, customer friendliness, helpdesk and odds of winning. All in all, enough research to be able to find the best of the best. This ensures that your chances on the big money are even higher!

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